Saturday, October 12, 2013


Shelby struggles behind a masquerade, fooling the world into believing her role as Jesse Bryant’s wife is nothing less than a charmed, happy life. When a Christian woman marries a non-believer, the consequences aren’t always easy. A week after their lavish fairytale wedding, the prince of her dreams evolved into her worst nightmare. Beneath her veil of heartache and bruises, Shelby guards the secret of her pregnancy, until Jesse discovers the news and demands an immediate abortion. Empowered by the Holy Spirit to protect God’s precious gift of life, Shelby takes a stand. But with her husband’s sudden disappearance, she’s forced to come to terms with abandonment.

Judah Bryant is visiting Bison Lake on business, where the fate of his universe is shaken off-kilter. An emotional beauty confronts him publicly with a river of tears. Humiliated beyond reason, he’s accused of being her abusive, deserting husband, and slandered by implications of some brutal, shady deeds. From the moment the woman calls him Jesse, she’s mistaken him for the identical twin brother he hasn’t seen in a decade. When the fiasco of pre-term labor complicates her trauma, Judah’s penchant for being a sucker-fish hero enlists him to save the day.

Judah heeds the strange supernatural pull that calls him to step forward and protect his brother’s wife. Intending to reveal his true identity, his plans are thwarted when a doctor insists that Shelby and her unborn baby are mortally at risk, requiring a constant vigil of care and a non-stressed environment. He never intended to fall in love with the girl whom Providence made his ward. Tortured by his deception, Judah longs to claim the wounded family he can never call his own. When revelation and tragedy bring the foundation of their lives crumbling down, Shelby’s devastated to find the man who holds her healing heart is a lying imposter. Can the power of Christ, love, forgiveness, and destiny be enough to help her believe in Judah’s alibi?


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